Unbelievable frustration with Marriott Best Price Guarantee

Discussion created by frustratedwmarriott on Feb 12, 2017
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I Booked a room through Marriott at the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami for 1night April 14 to 15 2017 yesterday.


An hour later I found a better rate on I very carefully looked at the room type and all details to make sure they were the same room with the same conditions.


I submitted a Claim Form yesterday, I received an email today saying the could not see that rate online.   Fortunately I had taken screen shots that were dated and thankfully the better price is still on today,   So, I took more screen shots showing price offered and immediately responded showing them this information.  I couldn't believe it when they said they still cannot see it online ??? even though it was still there and still is right now and I sent them photos taken 5 minutes earlier!


I have wasted my Sunday going back and forth, taking screen shots to prove my case and being denied again and again, because they say they cannot see the price offered online!


I asked to communicate with a manager, I have requested a phone call so we could go through the booking process together to prove what I was saying, I am waiting to hear back. I have sent a complaint to Customer Service with a copy of the emails and attachments, waiting for a response.


I am so sorry that I booked directly with Marriott,  I have wasted my Sunday, I have more than proven my claim, yet they just say, we can't see it, and that's it ? even though I have sent them time dated screen shots proving it's available, I even completed the booking form at with my Mastercard information right up to clicking the "Book" button, because then I would have 2 bookings that are non refundable. 


I tried to attach the Booking.Com screen shot to this post but unable to as it says file is too big.