Not a good week at the Courtyard, Torrance, CA

Discussion created by nipper on Feb 10, 2017
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I have been staying at this property every week for the last 2+ years.  Probably 175 nights each year. Typically things are excellent.  Few things go wrong, never more than once in a week and always resolved easily.


This week however was rough.


I arrived Monday after using the app to check in and received the notification. However, there was no room, keys, anything.  Thought it strange and moved one.


Tuesday I get back carrying dinner.  I see plastic in the hallways and see that they are gutting half the room's bathrooms.


To my room. Key doesn't work.  Down 4 flights of stairs (slowest elevator you have ever seen). New key,  room has not been cleaned.  Maids are gone for the day. It was only me and I had towels so miffed, but not unhappy.


Thursday night,  coming back with dinner (a common occurrence). Key doesn't work. Downstairs, reprogrammed key doesn't work. Back again, 2 new keys, neither work.  Finally new keys again, I get in.  I suspect not the keys but the drywall dust from the construction which is all around causing problems.


Friday morning coming back from my workout.  took 6 tries for my key to work,


Get in the shower and I notice the shampoos from the day before were thrown out. Go to grab the new ones and nothing.

Certainly no individual item was back but back to back to back it made for a really poor trip. I am hoping that this is a one off, (most of these issues could have been caused by the construction).  However if the service has really tanked and this is the norm, then I will be finding different accommodations for the rest of the year