AC Hotel San Jose - Platinum nightmare on checkin due to Category 1-5 Certificate.

Discussion created by yosof on Feb 12, 2017
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So, sadly, I have a Category 1-5 Certificate that expires today. Was told there is no way to convert it to points or extend it.


Just checked out of a Category 8 property in San Francisco, where I couldn't use the Certificate, not even to pay the difference. (Of course, we all know this.) So... I made my way specifically out of town to try out a reasonable Category 5 Marriott.


And was sadly told that Marriott Platinum upgrades aren't honored for Category 1-5 Certificates at AC Hotels? The hotel is practically empty and there were plenty of suites available.


The front desk attendant was initially not aware of upgrades being offered to Platinum members. Specifically, I was rudely asked, "Because you are Platinum, you demand to be upgraded?" (Yes, not only not greeted as a Platinum member... but apparently all Platinum Members are considered "third class" to ask for an upgrade?) I clarified that this is what happens typically - also, the hotel had plenty of suites and larger rooms left considering its low occupancy.


I then asked for a manager or supervisor, who had left half an hour ago. It's only 7pm and there is no manager on staff and apparently the rep has no powers to change or modify the reservation.

I was told that I could cancel the reservation using the Certificate and pay in cash to get the upgrade. That's fine, but I have an expiring Certificate. Apparently there is nothing that can be done.

I asked the front desk rep if we could call the manager. She was hesitant and said that it would be bothersome, as the manager isn't being paid anymore due to being off duty. The manager said to call Marriott Platinum Line. (Could they not call up Marriott HQ themselves?) So I did and it became a ridiculous episode of me handing my phone around.

Marriott Platinum Line sent some sort of upgrade to the hotel. I was told this was the only one available on my account. The hotel claims to have never received it, but it was deducted(?) from my account.

An hour of standing at the front desk later... the front desk rep finally decides to override things. I was told that they were able to somehow process the upgrade. On checking in... it's just a regular room with a bed and a chair and desk. This is definitely not a suite.

So at this point, it's over an hour later after trying to checkin. It's very confusing and I still don't know which reward was/wasn't used, what the upgrade cost is, etc. I'm exhausted. It's been a nightmare.

  • Are Category 1-5 upgrades for Platinum not honored at AC Hotels?
  • Do AC Hotels not have managers or supervisors after 7 pm?
  • What do you do when Category 1-5 rewards can't be transferred, converted to points, etc... and the places you have to go typically only have Marriott Category 6+ hotels?