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Have You Ever Left Something Behind and gotten it Back?

Question asked by phctourist on Feb 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2018 by pey

I recently stayed at a Ritz Carlton and left a bag of medication in the bath when I departed.  (One of these items was a $50 prescription,)  I called the hotel the following morning and, of course, the maid reported that it had not been found.  Over the past 50 years, I have probably left something behind about ten times, and only once, something was turned in.  The hotel industry, including Marriott, is woefully derelict in this regard.  Maids simply throw things away without considering whether the item is important.  I'm not suggesting that items are being stolen.  Most of them are valuable, only to me.  I am suggesting that the industry, including Marriott, could do a better job of training the housekeeping staff in this matter.


Any thoughts, anybody?