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Need Chicago advice, please.

Question asked by razorbackfan on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2017 by iahflyr

We have never been to Chicago and are thinking about planning a long weekend trip sometime this spring.  Most of the information I could find on Insiders, some dating back to 2008, is not very current.  I know tourist sites like museums will probably not have changed very much, but I am looking for more current information on hotels, restaurants, etc. 

Quoting erc in a status update posted 2 years ago, "I've found the key to good hotel rates.  Go to Chicago when the high is 5 degrees, the low is a negative number, and that's even before the lakefront windchill is factored -- yeah, baby!"  We are looking for a good hotel rate, but we would prefer that the temperature be in the 50's or preferably the 60's or 70's!  We would prefer to stay near "don't miss" attractions.  We like to sightsee, visit museums, tour by bicycle, maybe go to a Cubs game (if tickets are available), etc.

I would also like some information on which airport would be the easiest and most convenient to fly into.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.