Challenge to retain status by invitation only?

Discussion created by travelslikeahummingbird on Feb 6, 2017
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Hello Community & Marriott Customer Service,

Last October I contacted head office in the US (I'm in a foreign country) to inquire about how to retain my Gold status in 2017, as I could foresee that I wasn't going to meet the 50 night requirement in 2016 and I was panicked as to how I could cram in a lot of stays before 31 December to make the target. Retaining my status is extremely important.

Was advised at that time by Marriott US customer service via phone "don't worry about if it will cause you hardship, stress. We have other ways you can retain your status. We have a 'grace clause' for those years when you just can't meet the target". He went on to explain that I could request the challenge after February when my status reverts back to Silver. I asked if this could be risky and he said "absolutely not, this provision is set up for this purpose. Marriott understands things happen in life, we respect and treasure your loyalty to the program".

He went on to explain how the challenge worked with words to the effect "The challenge entails completing 6 separate stays in 3 months in order to retain Gold status, meaning the 3 months between March- April 2017. "Huge relief" I thought to myself, this is do-able.
However, here we are in February and I'm starting to make inquires. I am receiving totally conflicting advice. Marriott customer service in my region of the world tells me that in words to the effect "No... you cannot request a challenge, it is only by invitation only". "There is nothing you can do". Cannot seem to get any help from this end of the world to fix the problem.

One seriously hopes there hasn't been poor communication back in October which influenced my decisions and jeopardized my status.


How do I go about requesting a challenge? Can someone please help me, I would be ever so grateful.

All the Best
travels like a hummingbird