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Clarification re: Rewards Credit Card Points

Question asked by chalmers3716 on Feb 5, 2017
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I am looking at signing up for the rewards points, and had a few questions to clarify.


First, the card earns 5x points for every dollar spent at Marriott properties, and the "how much you earn" calculator backs this up.  But, regular Marriott properties already earn 10 rewards points for every eligible dollar spent.  I'm assuming this 5x points wouldn't supersede that, since that would have a negative effect, so is the 5x points in addition to the regular?  For instance, if I stay at a Marriott, book with the Marriott/Chase card, and have a $1,000 bill, would I end up getting 15,000 points (10,000 for the stay, and 5,000 for using the credit card)?  And if so, would the points hit my account simultaneously, or would I see the 10,000 hit when I check out, and the 5,000 hit when I pay the credit card bill?


Second, for the initial $3k spend to earn the 80K Bonus Points-do they post as soon as I make the charges, or once the bill is paid?  My question is mostly in regards to what would happen if, for instance, in the third month, what would happen if I didn't pay in full, carried a balance, and only paid, for instance, $2,900, even if I'd spent $3,100--I am assuming, in that case, I would not actually get the bonus, since I didn't pay off the full $3,000.  Is that correct?


Third, again related to the 5x points spent at Marriott.  Does this apply only to stays/dining, or anything Marriott related?  For instance, if I chose to purchase bonus points on the card, let's say I chose to buy the max--50,000.  Obviously, I'd get those points.  But, that would cost $625.  would I get an additional 625 points for a regular purchase, or as a Marriott purchase, would that actually constitute 3,125 points?  And, would the same logic apply to buying SPG points?  This last one is pretty hypothetical, as I don't know if buying points is really worth it, but wanted to make sure I understood the offer correctly.