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Targeting of Current Megabonus Does Not Seem Fair - Opinions?

Question asked by ella31 on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2017 by gringo_1

As background, I am a Platinum member with 149 elite nights last year. With the rollover nights, I already have more than 80 nights in 2017, and therefore have already renewed my Platinum status.


As you know, the fall Megabonus gave people a choice of two options, so that they could select the one they felt was more advantageous given their travel plans.


As has been discussed on this forum, this time there were three different configurations for the promotion, but members did not have the option to choose between them - they were just assigned one by Marriott.


I was given the version with double points for the first three stays and then more points if I stayed an additional 20 nights. But there is no way that I am going to complete three stays and then 20 more paid nights by mid-April. That is really a huge amount! However, would be very possible for me to complete three stays (I have already completed two) plus 10 additional paid nights, though it might require me to adjust travel plans a bit.


I therefore called Marriott Rewards and asked if they could switch my promotion to the 3 stays plus 10 nights version. I was told that switching was not allowed. The customer service rep also said that the promotion was targeted based on last year's history- i.e., in my case, that I had a lot of nights last year.


In other words, because I was loyal to Marriott and used the credit card a lot, I am being "rewarded" by being given a promotion that is less advantageous,  to me at least, than other customers who had fewer nights last year!  This seems unfair to me.


I think that Marriott should either offer the same promotions to everyone, or allow people to switch, or, if they are going to differentiate and not allow switching, to do so in a way that rewards those who have provided more business, not penalizes them. If I had received a less advantageous promotion than a PP member received, for example, that would not bother me because I would think the PP had earned the extra benefit. Doing it in reverse really irks me though.


I'm interested to hear what others think, and also would be interested to hear from the moderators why Marriott thinks this is a fair way to structure promotions.


I also wanted to say that I am generally pretty happy with MR and not typically a griper, but this one seemed particularly unfair to me.


Thanks in advance for your input!