No Elite Night Credit When Booked Through Flight & Hotel Packages

Discussion created by jrewing on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by wbwest

Ok, I'm guilty for not reading the fine print. I thought that by booking our flight and hotel on the "Marriott" website, getting my 8 elite nights for our stay in Prague would not be an issue. We find out that even though you book through Marriott, via the "Flight and Hotel Packages" right on their main webpage, you do not get elite night credit. I find this policy pretty petty. They give you 5000 points, and that's it. I can understand not getting credit for nights with third party companies, but this is Marriott!

We take two major vacations per year, and they are always with stays at Marriott hotels since we are Gold Status, and enjoy the Executive Lounges. The next two will not be at Marriott. There are other chains who don't play these silly games with nights.