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Starwood Feedback

Question asked by johndewars on Feb 4, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2017 by pingreeman

I wanted to share some observations and get some feedback.


I have recently stayed at 2 Westin properties - DFW and Tyson's corner. Both had recently undergone renovations and were very nice, particularly Tyson's Corner. They were comparable to better than the many recently renovated Marriott's where I have stayed lately. Also the desk was quick to recognize my platinum elite status.


On the downside, it seems SPG technology is far inferior to Marriott. 1) As yet I have not gotten a check-in push notification from Westin and it appears they do not have a mobile check-in/check-out option. Also, there is NO option for printing statements on the SPG website!! You must contact the hotel directly or request a copy through SPG support which takes 3 days minimum. This is a real dis-incentive to stay at SPG properties for me. Its a small thing, but I like the time saving benefit of using the Marriott app and pulling all my statements/invoices at one time off the website when I do expense reporting.


Please share your experiences . . .