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Sign-On Errors 1/31/2017?

Question asked by nationwide on Feb 1, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by nationwide

Did anyone else experience MRI sign-on issues all day yesterday?  I tried repeatedly to access the site, but continued to receive a "single sign-on error."  I kept laughing to myself because it has never been a "single sign-on" experience.     Nonetheless, I never saw any mention that the site was undergoing  maintenance, so I kept trying, thinking it was just a problem on my end.  Finally, I called the help desk and sat on hold last night for 10+ minutes to have someone unenthusiastically tell me, "yeah, there was an email when I got in for my shift today that said the site was down until 10 Eastern."  Checked back then, and it was still down an hour later than that.  Did I just miss a notice?  Usually the moderators give us a heads up so we don't waste time trying to get in when we can't.... it was frustrating.