Wonderful Getaway

Discussion created by phctourist on Jan 30, 2017
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Recently read a post on Insiders about two Northern VA Ritz Carlton hotels offering some excellent values on some slow weekends.  We wanted to do a local getaway  this past weekend so I checked out Tysons Ritz Carlton and found a very reasonable rate.  It was less than 1/3 the rate for the previous weekend (Inauguration and Women's March).


We were able to arrange an early check in on Friday and a late checkout on Monday to extend our getaway a bit.


Things got off to an ominous start when the hotel failed to provide a refrigerator (as specified in my profile).  It got worse when after two phone calls and 90 minutes we still had no fridge.  (I travel with medication that requires refrigeration.)


My third call was an angry one and the fridge arrived quickly.  I, then, received a very apologetic call from Paris Neville which included an offer of a complementary meal in the dining room.  (Paris actually picked up the tab for one dinner and one breakfast, which I found to be extremely generous.)  If Ritz Carlton gave Spirit to Serve awards, I'd nominate him for one.  The room was extremely comfortable and the rest of the weekend was a total delight and I'd recommend every aspect of this hotel.