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Buenos Aires, Marriott Left Argentina?  Starwood options?

Question asked by ssindc on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2017 by ssindc

Likely headed back to Buenos Aires in May....  Got a bit confused because the website shows NO Marriott properties in Argentina...    What happened to the (iconic, historic) Marriott Plaza hotel off Florida Avenue?  Uh, obviously... I just found this: ...  and this .... Re: Marriott in Angentina? Gone ... What a shame...  Does Marriott have plans to return to Buenos Aires - one of the truly great cities in the hemisphere?


Well, I guess all of a sudden I'm ecstatic that we're now Starwood members...  Does anyone know anything about these properties?  (Note - these are all within 3 blocks of the old Marriott property.)


  • Sheraton Libertador
  • Park Tower (Luxury Collection - most expensive)
  • Sheraton Buenos Aires


I'm leaning towards the Park Tower - it looks very nice.


Quick aside: has anyone seen these rates before? Starwood offers (among many other options) : Breakfast+4th Night Free: Every 4th Night Free credited at check out. Includes daily (full or buffet) breakfast for 2 in restaurant.  I guess I'll just have to do the math....