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Customer Care Complaint

Question asked by mariaadamo on Jan 26, 2017
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Hello, I'm wondering anyone can assist me with tracking back a supervisor on a Customer Care issue. I've tweeted, called back to Customer Care as well as emailed and sent message through the Contact Us Page with this information.


I wanted to log in a complaint on a Customer Care supervisor that I just spoke to via the Marriott Reservations line today around 12:30pm. Unfortunately I did not catch a name as I was very shocked and perturbed by the manner in which I was being spoken to, but the last thing I did request was for him to formally log in the complaint that I was not happy with the service. He replied that it would be noted, so I wanted to make sure that it was.


I called in reference to a Reservation Cancellation which I didn't authorize. I had originally called yesterday to try and add in a promotion code to my reservation and whomever I spoke to kept me on the line for almost 40 minutes trying to figure out the situation. He could not add in the code which was fine but I was not happy at how long I was put on hold multiple times. I then received an email cancellation which was confusing since I never asked for the reservation to be cancelled. I called back earlier this morning and another representative tried to figure it out but put me on hold and as I was waiting I believe I was accidentally disconnected. So I called back to address the situation for a third time and spoke to another reservation (I believe his name was James) who ended up transferring me to Customer Care to log in my complaint about how long the process was taking to figure out since at this point I'd been on the phone for about 45 minutes total.


When I was transferred to the  Customer Care line in order for me to log in this complaint the Customer Care rep, whose name I did not catch, was incredibly unprofessional as I explained the situation and how frustrated I was at the amount of time it was taking to resolve. I had to explain the situation to him multiple times and he started getting audibly frustrated with the conversation as I was trying to express my unhappiness at the level of service being received. Instead of trying to remedy the situation he kept saying "I'm a person, we are people" when I was trying to explain to him why I was upset and wanted to log a complaint. He raised his voice at me and interrupted me when I told him that I didn't understand why it was taking so long.  He proceeded to berate me for my frustration at this and continued to say "I'm a person" to try and undermine my unhappiness at the service. I told him I never said that he was "not a person" and that I was simply trying to figure out why my reservation was cancelled and why it was taking so long to do so. He then got even more upset when I told him that I didn't appreciate him speaking to me in a condescending manner. He saidI was calling him "names" which I never once did--stating that he was speaking to me condescendingly is not calling someone a name. At that point the call was getting fruitless as he was berating me for calling to try and log in a complaint. I told him that in the time that he was arguing with me, I'd already rebooked myself online so he was no help and the simple reason that I had called was to log in a formal complaint about the amount of time it was taking to resolve my original issue. So in this call to log in a complaint I received an even worse level of service, one that I find reprehensible since it involved a Marriott representation raising his voice and speaking to a customer--an Elite one at that-- in the manner in which he did.


My husband actually a Vice President of Client Services and runs a number of national call centers. We understand how calls should be routed and dealt with accordingly and we'd like this situation formally documented and traced back. As I mentioned unfortunately I did not catch the supervisor's name but I was transferred around 12:30pm today, 1/25/17 in reference to a specific Reservation Cancellation  for Playa Largo Resort & Spa, Autograph Collection.  I am hoping the call was recorded so it can be reviewed and scrutinized for continued customer service training and opportunities for growth. Every customer should be spoken to on any and every level in a professional manner, and I definitely was not spoken to in such a manner. We have been loyal Marriott clients and this experience has been unlike any other that we have received and has put a damper on our upcoming trip next week which we were excited to celebrate a babymoon at.


We want to know how we can achieve a prompt follow up on the situation to learn what the course of action will be to better service for people like ourselves. Thank you.