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Redeeming points

Question asked by ks83 on Jan 19, 2017
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I have a rather unique question.


I am planning a reward stay in the scrub island marriott from nov 25- dec 2. I have about 480k points in my account and I need only 270k points as this is a cat 9 property.


I dont want to use my points directly as I need some airline miles as well - hoping to redeem a 7 night travel package for 390k points. The problem is I am not able to decide which airline miles I need - american or united.


I will have a clear picture by the month of August - but I dont want to wait till then to book the hotel as I might not find availability at that point.


If I book the hotel now - will the 270k points taken away from my account?? If yes - can I cancel in August and redeem my points for a package and book it using the 7 night certificate??


My concern then would be what if the hotel plays tricks and says there is no availability??


Thanks for your input on this.