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Orlando area Starwood property recommendations

Question asked by razorbackfan on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by jsucool76

Since we have decided to postpone our trip to Maui to see the whales, we are thinking about returning to Florida on a brief trip to see the manatees as they return to warmer waters.  Two places we specifically want to visit are the Apollo Beach area southeast of Tampa and Blue Spring State Park north of Orlando.  It is definitely cheaper to fly to Orlando and branch out from there.  I do not want to use up my first 3 stays of the Spring Mega-Bonus on 1 night stays, so I was thinking about trying Starwood properties.  I would really like to hear from Insiders who have stayed in a Starwood property in the Orlando area.

I am also interested in any comments on either the Renaissance or Marriott or a Starwood property at the Orlando airport. We would prefer to stay near the airport for an early morning departure.