Missing Stay Request Annoyance

Discussion created by chazdawg on Mar 3, 2010
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Is it just me...or does the process in which we have to request missing stays be creditted to our accounts annoy you?


I recently checked out of a Courtyard hotel, that I've stayed in multiple times mind you, and decided to stay an extra night in that location.  I created a new reservation and checked in later that day.  Recently the points and credit for the second night posted, but not the first.  How does this happen, exactly?  My number was on both it seems quite odd.  So now I have to fax in my request to get my first night credited.  Why? the age of the internet why can't I just email it in?  Even better...why do I have to do anything but call the number (I'll accept that it's not a toll free number...that's another rant) and they manually credit it immedietly. Why don't they have access to previous reservations and have the ability to credit my points while I'm on the phone with them?


I'm finding more and more lately that I'm having missing stays and having to fax in these requests.  On two seperate occassions they've gone ignored.  I've called back weeks later asking why the delay and I've been asked "Did you put it to someone's attention?"  Why would I do that?  Now I need to call the to a person who can't help me without a reciept...then fax in the reciept to their attention?  After my last experience I spoke to a nice gentlemen that said to fax it to his attention and he'd take care of it and as a bonus for my inconvenience he'd credit my account 2000 points.  Well, neither the credit nor the bonus ever posted.  I had to call again...get another rep to give me their name...and fax it in again.  I did get my stay credit, but that magical 2000 points have been lost to the God of empty promises.


It's surprising to me that Platinum Premier (as I am)...Platinum...and even Gold...have to jump through such hoops to get credit for stays that should post.  I've NEVER not had my number in my reservation...but they do seem to lose a lot of my stays.