Spain is not Looking Good...

Discussion created by pluto77 on Jan 13, 2017
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Rreservations for MVC Playa Andalusia on points for next Fall are simply not looking good for us (ya, not turning out to be a good year for point redemptions for ole Watashi-wa here. )  This means we need a plan B.  Portugal was suggested by one family member. I torpedoed it.  Then along came this little gem Reflections from the Youngest Insider – Five-Year Old Travels the Globe, where young Master Charles espoused the virtues of Praia D'El Rey Marriott in Obidos, Portugal.  Yes, I am now rethinking Portugal and Lisbon.  Also considering the RC in Abama, Spain, as well as Madrid and Barcelona.


My request to you, my fellow Insiders is this:  Sell me on Portugal and also Lisbon.  Anyone been to these properties/places?  What's there to do and see?  I'm particularly curious about Lisbon.  I read it kind of went downhill during the recession and needs a little TLC, but has begun to come back. I think I'm starting to see the light with regards to Porto. We love to move (walk and hike), we love water, we love food and energy (and wine), local culture, urban exploration, old stuff (history), architecture and museums. We range in age from upper 40's to upper 70's.


Many thanks!