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Here's a couple of quick clips (1 minute 42 and 2 minutes 12) of Arne's interview this morning on CNBC's Squawk Box    (consumers today prefer experience over stuff)    (impact of immigration policies)

Arne, as any globalist must be, was his usual effective diplomatic self as he was also asked about;

Will Marriott be putting Alexa in the rooms - hotels are always a great spot for tech initiatives, but the phone remains in the room for service when needed

Will Marriott choose Chase or AmEx? - working with both (nothing to see here, move along)

Anbang messed with your deal, now what - Anbang bought Strategic Resorts and owns Ritz Half Moon Bay and several other of our properties, they are excellent partners


Will Marriott get Jive to fix the Insiders participation counter?  - Whatchu talkin'  'bout Willis