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St. Pancras vs. St. Ermin's

Question asked by woodhamj on Jan 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2017 by techie

I have a reservation at both St. Pancras and St. Ermin's later this year and I am trying to figure out which one to keep.  I like the style and Eurostar location of St. Pancras but St. Ermin's is in walking distance of many things that we want to see in London.  I am a little concerned about the size of bathrooms at St. Ermin's since they don't post a picture of them on the website.  I have emailed them and asked for some pictures.  Since I am using points I want to make the most of them so does the location of St. Ermin's trump the St. Pancras?  It will be our first trip to London so I want to get as much in a possible.