2017 Spring megabonus details?

Discussion created by cyrill on Jan 12, 2017
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I have a few questions regarding the 2017 Spring Megabonus if I read descriptions correctly it can be a huge boon of points:


1. If the "stay" is the same as it was in previous years then 2 weeks in January if it is a continuous stay can of, say $100 per night at a non-RI property: 100x10=1000x50%= 1500x2(megabonus) = 3000 x 15 =  45,000?


2. If this is correct, then someone that splits the Jan15 - Mar 15 into three stays can get 60x3000 = 180,000


3 And still have another 30 nights for yet another 45,000


Which will result in approximately 225,000 points megaload at just a $100 per night.


Where am I off?