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A vacation club point converted to a rewards point isn't really a rewards pt?

Question asked by cclancyinlajolla on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by andrewt

I spent an hour on the phone today with 2 supervisors.  One supervisor was with Marriott rewards and one was with vacation club.


I successfully converted per Marriott's e mail language exactly:     Your request to trade 1,250 Vacation Club Points for Marriott Rewards® points has been processed. 40,000 Marriott Rewards points will be posted to Marriott Rewards account within one (1) business day of your request.


The problem is that I have now been told that in fact these 40,000 rewards points aren't really points they are STILL vacation club points.


I am not allowed to use the reward points towards a SPG resort stay.  I am told I cannot use these 40,000 points because they are really vacation points.


I don't understand how vacation club points converted to marriott rewards points are really and truly still vacation club points.  I definately LOST value of my vacation club points that I paid for but YET they still aren't rewards points???    I understand that I cannot use Vacation club points towards SPG it, clear, understood.  I'm not trying to do that.  I am trying to use REWARD POINTS towards SPG properties.


When I converted VC point to Reward points that is what they became.  I need to be able to use them for anything that I want that reward points can be used for.


Please immediately let me know that Yes,  we understand your problem and am sorry that you were MISLED to believe that once club points were converted to something else, they were no longer club points.  We understand your frustration with speaking to 2 supervisors who explained to me that is policy "you can't use vacation club points to book SPG".  We know you understand that because that is why you converted your vc points to reward points in the first place.  And  we are sorry that the person who facilitated your conversion of VC points to Reward points didn't inform you that you couldn't use these toward SPG property EVEN THOUGH you shared the story with her that you were going to a Westin Hotel instead of a Marriott hotel because you wanted to take your 20 pound dog with you and Marriott says no...Westin says yes, please do.  We apologize that our employee with vacation club suggested you "could always kennel your dog".  We apologize for that customer service as we want nothing more than to make our customers feel special and wanted. 

In my discussions today did anyone ever say to me that there is nothing written anywhere in any Marriott website or paperwork that you have received that informed you that VC points converted to Rewards are still VC points?  Did anyone ever say, this is Marriott's mistake and we are just ironing out details of the merger between SPG and Marriott and THIS TIME we will honor your 40,000 converted reward points towards your stay in an SPG property?  NO ONE EVER said that. 

I do not like this kind of customer service.  I am so unhappy that I have to live with those vacation club points and use them at Marriott resorts because I don't want to patronize any business that treats customers this way.