Chasing The Local Bonus

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Jan 9, 2017
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I've mentioned on here, previously, the game that is played to obtain the local promotional points often offered by individual hotels. It goes likes this:


1) The hotel publishes a special rate that comes with additional points (1000 per night, 1000 per stay, etc.)


2) I find the rate and book the room.


3) I take a screen shot or copy and paste the rate for future back up...just in case.


4) I make the stay and cross my fingers


5) The stay posts to my account, but the additional bonus points do not.


6) I wait a couple of weeks and call Marriott to get the points credited


7) The rep on the phone either credits the points immediately or mentions they will call the property to get this fixed


8) The property adds the points after weeks of waiting.


Sometimes the property likes to play duck and hide. They claim that they don't and have never offered such a rate. Well, that's where step 3 above comes in handy. I offer to email to any interested party my screen shot of THEIR rate. "Dang!!!"... is what I'm guessing they say to themselves and then post the points.


I had two stays, one in October, one in early December that offered points but didn't deliver. I called Marriott. Both hotels sent me an email apologizing for the oversight and mentioned they would post these bonus points ASAP. One hotel followed up and posted. The other was all talk, no action on the points. I waited 5 days and went back in to battle.


A second email came from the property, the GM this time, stating that they were still researching the "claim" and suspected I may have them confused with another property.  So.....I offered to email the screen shot with their hotel all over it. The GM said no thanks, "We'll post the points but there is still a question as to your claim that it was per night vs. per stay"


Folks it shouldn't be this hard....take a look at the info below and see if there's a question as per night or per stay to you:


Rate Details
Marriott Rewards Member Exclusive Offer
Additional Information
Earn an extra 3,000 and 5,000 points per night in Blank Town
Join us again at our newly renovated Courtyard in Blank Town and
earn 3,000 points on the weeknight or 5,000 points on the
weekend. See the very newest of Marriott brand standards
during your travels to northeast Blank Town