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Megabonus Promotion - decisions, decisions...

Question asked by todzwif on Jan 10, 2017

I am getting ready to book at least 3/4 nights per week for the next 6 consecutive weeks at Marriott properties.  The new promo starts next week, and I have to be in two different cities, one at a Marriott property and one at a FF, which would amount to the first two stays.  I was disappointed at first that my stays would be short and 'waste' the double points, but now I wonder if it will just get me closer to that 30k points more quickly, as after the third stay my individual nights will count toward the 20. 


I have no choices over the first two night stay, but should I wait for stay 2 and 3 until I have more nights in a row to double?  Any advice or strategies on maximizing the points?