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Best 1 Week Off Work Reward Redemption?e

Question asked by minnetraveler on Jan 9, 2017
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Looking for a good destination for my wife and my "annual trip." We went to Paris (stayed at the C-E) in 2016, and had a great time, but looking for something a bit more relaxing this year (and less museum heavy).


Flying in and out of MSP. Likely going in October. Platinum member (wife is gold), and should have enough points for up to category 9 for 7 nights. Paying for a couple nights would be OK, but we want to be able to use the 5th night free deal. We have 9ish days. 1 work week, and the weekends.


Basically, we've looked at a ton of destinations, and can't decide. My wife is set on Marrakesh for a trip, but the SPG property there has bad reviews, so we're thinking of pushing this off until 2018 and not use rewards. We want to use our rewards this year, because I'm not traveling anymore (so I'll lose platinum after this year), and my wife averages 4 nights a month, so gold isn't necessarily "guaranteed" for 2018, and the free breakfasts/lounge are great perks when traveling.


Some trips we've considered so far: Cairo (some safety concerns, hard to stay in Cairo for 5 nights?), Fes (wife REALLY wants to go to Marrakesh, so this is redundant), Rome and Venice (lots of museums), Vienna and Budapest (Lots of museums), Thailand (not enough time), Costa Rica (cultural experiences seem far away from the hotels).


We are hoping to have "relaxing experiences" on this vacation. Think vineyards, horse/camel/elephant riding, skiing, and less museums and just sitting on a beach (we go to Mexico all inclusive annually for our anniversary). We don't have children yet, so we're hoping to take a trip that we might not be able to take once we have or are approaching children (think ZIKA, adventurous activities, e


We need help! The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller as we try to plan this....


Thanks so much in advance!!