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Missing my Marriott :-(

Question asked by homoviator on Jan 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2017 by azdesertrat

I'm finishing up a trip in SE Asia and I've been staying the last 7 days at a non-chain hotel.  I have to say, I miss my Marriotts and I am looking forward to ending my last night back in either a Renaissance or Courtyard.

We all have our moments of complaining and groveling, but I have to say after this experience I've come to realize that we've become somewhat spoiled with good service and a set of amenities we can always count on.

My stay at this non-Marriott has been so underwhelming that I was seriously about to leave and just eat the cost of the two rooms for 7 nights.  Of course the hotel that I'm at wasn't about to refund me for any days I cancelled.  My pain only intensified when I found out that Marriott opened a hotel in December an hour down the road from where I am staying. My time here has made me appreciate Marriotts more. I've come to realize that with Marriott I can get:

1. reliable beds

2. morning breakfasts (I've come to REALLY love these when I travel with family)

3. Staff is always nice, I mean always, always--sorry for those of you who have had bad experiences. Overall, they have a can-do spirit.


4. upgrades--even if it is to a higher floor or corner room.  Suites are nice too.

Membership has it's rewards for sure I realize more than ever.

My next Asia trip in a few months is now all Marriott and SPGs!