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Marriott False Reservation Information

Question asked by bjp1177 on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by andrewt

I made 2 separate reservations on The terms for both were that I was able to cancel until one week prior to the stay. I did in fact need to cancel both reservations since our plans have changed. I was able to cancel one of the reservations online with no issue. The other reservation would not cancel so I called and when I spoke to Anna in "customer care" I was told that I couldn't cancel because it was a "1 day cancellation"
reservation. But that is not accurate. I did not make such a reservation, the documentation I have says nothing of the sort, and on both reservations it states the same conditions, that I have until 7 days before my stay to cancel the reservation at no charge.


The Marriott representative says she cannot do anything because the hotel says they can't cancel. How do I get this corrected? Who at Marriott can I address this issue to, since "customer care" doesn't seem able or willing to correct this problem? This is basically false advertising on the part of Marriott.