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Avoid Elite Nights to improve status level?

Question asked by execustayjockey on Jan 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2017 by yogib

Hello all,


I am a newbie to Marriott rewards so looking for any help/guidance you can give!


My company sent me on a long-term assignment and I'm staying in a Marriott property earning points and Elite nights. The gist of my issue is, if my nights from the second half of December post, I'll never make Platinum, but, if they don't post, I'll make Platinum easily.


To be a bit more specific, I've stayed roughly 52 nights (45 of which have posted) in 2016 and will have another 45 in 2017 due to my project timeline. If these 7 nights from December post, I'll only rollover 2 nights and have a total of 47 (2 rollover + 45 stays in 2017) for 2017. If I ask the hotel to not post my nights however, I will roll over 35 nights and have 80 total for 2017.


Any thoughts on this? Is getting Platinum significantly better than Gold? I might be able to still attain Gold in 2017 if I get lucky but not counting on it.te