250,000 reward points expired without me knowing.  huge disappointment!

Discussion created by mikeyunwu on Jan 6, 2017
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I am very disappointed today to find out my 250,000 reward points expired last February.  I called Marriott rewards and was told that they sent emails to notify me about the expiration and they won't reinstate the points.  I could not find the email Marriott mentioned in my Inbox, but found one notice from Marriott (sent in Nov 2015) in the SPAM folder just now.


I accumulated the points when working for Microsoft a decade ago.  I always took care to choose Marriott in order to accumulate the points for a big nice vacation in Europe.  I did not use any point in 24 months because I am going forward to a special vacation.  Last year, in Shanghai I paid $300 to join Club Marriott, again I want to save the points for later use.  I am so upset that I am writing this post 3AM in the morning.