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Trying to decide between Renaissance Paris Republique or Vendome

Question asked by littlebitsarah on Jan 8, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by leef

My husband surprised me with a trip to Paris in March and we are going to cash in on his reward points. We have narrowed it to these two places. This will be my 3rd trip to Paris, I love it! And I was at first leaning toward Vendome just so we will be more central. But I see the reviews for the Republique seem glowing! I don't think that Vendome would be very authentic Paris but I don't know a lot about the 10th arr. We are big walkers when we travel and this will be our big vacation away from our toddler so we would love it to be a little romantic! I'm a big foodie so restaurants like Frenchie and Septime are on my list! Any suggestions?