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HHow the Competition HHandles Things

Question asked by painedplatinum on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by kharada46

Marriott is the main chain....IHG is my back up. Hilton gets one or two stays per year. This is typically because my client may have a local arrangement or they are the only game in town. I did the status match last year and was handed the Diamond card. I had one stay due to a flight foul up and now I'm in a Hilton in Arlington, TX. That's two stays as a Diamond.


I'm ready to declare that they have done a much better job of going all out than my favorite chain. I'm two for two on extra towels, extra pillows. I'm two for two for smiling happy "thanks for being a Diamond". I'm two for two on very nice upgrades without asking.


Over the years, I've noticed that Marriott properties have higher standards, and keep these standards, for cleanliness, general upkeep, and overall well trained staff....The competition, both IHG and Hilton have a better record at meeting the Elite Member's pre check-in requests. In fact, it is unusual for a Marriott property to actually have extra pillows or towels in my room at check-in or slightly after without me calling the front desk.


So, I ask myself. Do the GMs or their representative read the profile preferences in Marriotts?  What have you seen out there? Is it just me that sees this difference?