What Did You Do For January 1, 2017?

Discussion created by iahflyr on Jan 2, 2017
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Yes Insiders it is 2017 so how did you spend your day yesterday?


It is a Southern U.S. tradition to have Black-eye Peas as they are thought to bring prosperity in the new year, so we slowly cooked them for most of the day on the stove with some Ham put in the pot for a little bit more flavor.  Next, my slow cooked fall off the bone Ribs that started last year with my dry rub and leaving them sit overnight, then in the oven being cooked in beer at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.  Fire up the grill to 600 degrees and sear them for three minutes on both sides then cool the grill down to 250 degrees and baste them in BBQ Sauce for another two hours turning them when the BBQ Sauce gets a nice caramel look to it.....yummmmo!


Of course a bit of Champagne to help enjoy the day outside in the 70 degree temps, isn't this supposed to be winter?




What better than to be home relaxing and grilling, not much I say!