2017 Travel Package

Discussion created by curiousone on Jan 2, 2017
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Yes, I was disappointed with the SWA decision to not allow hotel points to count toward Companion Pass. However, I still went ahead with my 2017 Travel Package. The last Travel Package that I did in 2015 the MR -> RR was at 1:1 and for the 5 night package they did not give you the 5th night free.(The 7 night package only charges for 6 nights, so you get the 5th night free.) This time I was surprised to be informed that the MR -> RR conversion was 140K MR points for the 120K SW RR points (1.17:1). However, this time Marriott is offering the 5th night free. So what I thought would require 320K MR points I only spent 300K. The 1.17:1 is still better than the 2.83:1 for a straight MR -> RR without the hotel.