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Silver to Gold... SO CLOSE sigh...

Question asked by elitestatus on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2017 by elitestatus

So it looks like I could miss my upgrade gold elite status unless I stay three more nights out of the remaining 4 nights left in the 2016 year.  Just wanted to check to see if they definitely cut it off on December 31 and I have to start over again on January 1 or is there any kind of grace period into January when I know I'll have at least 3 overnights at a Marriott?  Any other thoughts?  I had an awful stay at a recent hotel stay and maybe I could have used that experience as a way of getting an extra rewards night credit....  I was gracious and didn't complain.  Silver Elite is nice but I know Gold is nicer with potential upgrades right? I'm so clooooose!