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JW Cancun and Club 91 Advice

Question asked by catmaran113 on Dec 31, 2016

   As a new poster, I have read everything I can on this JW, but am hoping for some current (2016) updated information and advice. We will be traveling in May. I plan to book using points, but am lacking enough points for our entire stay, so will need to book the additional nights as paid stays. Firstly, I am trying to determine if the Club 91 upcharge of $125 per night is the right choice and a good value for us. It is just my husband and I, and we plan to stay mostly on-site and our dining tastes are simple. Are there always additional choices for evening dining at Club 91 if we are not interested in the "Sushi" night, or the "Thai" night?  Are the breakfast and lunch choices varied (as in are there sandwich varieties and salad choices)? Does 7-10 nights of Club 91 food get monotonous? Secondly, for the additional paid nights I can book a member special with a premium ocean view room that includes buffet breakfast, internet and 25% restaurant discount OR book Club 91 level for $56 more per night. I suppose if we didn't stay in the Club Level, we would have to move rooms mid-stay?


Any input, suggestions and advice by fellow travelers who have been to the JW Cancun recently would be most appreciated!