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Question asked by shortnsassytxn on Dec 29, 2016
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OK I know this is going to sound INSANE, I but here goes anyway, as I've stated before we relocated here from the Dallas area. We stayed at Courtyard Marriott for the 1st 2 months I guess, I then moved to another Hotel. We came back here on October the 14th.  Yes I I am a Platinum Plus member and it shows that I have 97 days, I which when we check out on January 3rd and move into our new house I'm not real sure how many more days I will have. Something like 107 or 109 is about right. I still don't even get free Wi-Fi, not free gifts,  NOTHING AT ALL... I believe it was Andrew that asked me for all of my reservation numbers, which is hard because we have have so many of them and while I was in East Texas for the pre-trial hearings o no my brothers murder trial, He was shot and killed in July 23rd of 2015 on mine and my husband's 10th anniversary!! My husband didn't keep up with any paperwork. How do I get this information. The manager Mario here is a REAL jerk and I don't like asking him for anything!!  I'm at the point that it's not even worth it. I've been just thinking about buying stuff off of the website and being done with Marriot for good..  It's just so frustrating. Any ideas???