Tipping Bad Service

Discussion created by iahflyr on Dec 26, 2016
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I went out for lunch today to a spot that I have not visited in some time, but love their Tacos so thought what better to do on the day after Christmas than have a great Taco at Yucatan Taco Stand.  Have had many good experiences at Yucatan and love their Pork Tacos, but today was completely different.  Yes the Pork Taco was excellent but the service was not.


Service, what service!!  I sat down at the bar and and waited for about 10 minutes before anyone even acknowledged my presence.  Once the bartender Mike showed up he had absolutely no personality at all, no smile just a deadpan look.  I ordered a Chips n Salsa along with a Beer and lime, guess what they have no limes.  How does a Mexican joint not have limes???  This place is not even busy and it took 15 minutes before my Chips n Salsa arrived.  Then no napkins.....so once Mike finished his texting I asked for some napkins which he tossed my direction, very sorry to have bothered you Mike. 


After my Beer was finished I had planned on ordering the Pork Taco, but Mike was again no where to be found let alone to refresh my Beer.  Finally he surfaced again and I placed my order.  This place has never had rapid delivery of food ,but today they were so slow that another 20 minutes went by before I saw a Taco in front of me.  It is just silly that no food was coming out of the kitchen at all so it wasn't that the place was behind due to customers.  Once my food came my napkins had been taken away with the Chips so I had to ask again for napkins AND utensils.  Most places provide that when you are going to eat, but not Yucatan Taco Stand today or maybe it was just Mike. 


From Mike to the what I'm guessing was the Manger sitting across the bar staring into her laptop, they all lacked any type of enthusiasm so it all must stem from Management which certainly comes across as "we don't care".  There are far too many places to eat/drink near The Woodlands Waterway that have wonderful food and service for me to return to Yucatan anytime soon.  The tip reflected the service and I trust Mike understands that.