Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, South Beach

Discussion created by navy82 on Dec 28, 2016
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First time poster, lifetime Platinum Rewards Member.  Checked in to this Vacation Club in South Beach Miami expecting a great family vacation, but from the start it was a disaster.  Even with GPS, we had a hard time finding the hotel, driving right past the property as they have no signage out front.  There is no parking at the hotel, and all of the on street spots were taken.  The valet had taken the day off, so we had a tough time even getting our luggage out of the rental car and up to the rooms.  We had no warning that the hotel is under renovation... nothing on the Marriott website.  And evidence of the renovation is everywhere.  The lobby is literally cut in half as they rebuild.  Only one elevator is operational, and it seemed as if it was about to "give up the ghost" each time we rode inside.  The other common areas are also being renovated.  No pool, no special features that would make this a Vacation Club of any sorts.  Happy hour was held on a plastic folding table in the hallway outside our door.  Free breakfast is a plus, but don't expect anything grand.   This property is not up to Marriott standards.