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Using points + cash upgrade ?

Question asked by farmraised1 on Dec 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by pingreeman

Started trying to plan a trip to NYC today for my wife's birthday .  I was looking at the Barrymore suite at the Algonquin hotel near Times Square.  The cash price for the room was $699.  The points plus cash upgrade was 45000 points/night + $750 cash?????.

I called the platinum service line for help and the agent was as confused as me, and could not offer any help other than to call the hotel directly and ask them.  So I did, and after a long time on hold I was told that the normal room rate was $1200 and the $699 was a discount. That still didn't explain the +$750 cost when using points.

I checked a lot of other dates and the most I saw for the cash price was $750/night.

The 45,000/night point only stay will get you a $350/night queen room.  So shouldn't the cost with the cash upgrade be $350 from $699. 

This sounds like total BS to me.  Why doesn't Marriott check their affiliates to make sure they are not screwing Marriott rewards loyalty members?  Any thoughts?