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Cheap International First and Business Trips?

Question asked by tryt53 on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by clebert

Does anybody want to share good ways to fly in style, cheap, on International flights?  I will start.  We have become mileage point hounds because we find we love to fly long flights in either Business (with totally lay-flat seats) or First Class, on top-notch airlines, with very little cost.  The newest way we see to make good use of Marriott points, is to take 132,000 Marriott Points each, transfer them to our Starwood SPG account for 44,000 points. Utilizing the extra 5,000 miles for each 20,000 miles transferred to the airlines, we transfer to Virgin American and end up with 54,000 Virgin Elevate miles.  Since Virgin Airline miles will transfer at a rate of 1:1.3 starting Jan 9, those 54,000 will become 70,200 Alaska miles.  For 70,000 miles, you can get a First Class one-way ticket from Seattle to LAX, LAX to Hong Kong, spend 4 days layover there (Alaska allows stopover on partner rewards), then go on to ICN Seoul, Korea, for 9 days.  If you buy this same one way ticket from Cathay Pacific, for May 15, it costs $17,993 for just one ticket.  Cathay First class is an awesome way to fly.


The reason we stay 4 days at Hong Kong and 9 days in Korea, is so we can get 3 free nights.  Our Citibank Prestige Card refunds the 4th night of any reservation, but can't be on back to back stays.  So we will get the 4th day free in Hong Kong, then the 4th day is refunded in Seoul, and then we have a 1 night stay in my wife's name, and then the last 4 days end up with one more refunded day.  So between Hong Kong and Seoul, we have 13 days and only pay for 10 of them


We will  probably just fly Economy back on Korean Airlines straight shot from ICN to SEA, non-stop for about 11 hours, and then recover for 3 days!