Hidden Gem Hotels

Discussion created by mr_rewardshoarder on Dec 20, 2016
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Of all the Marriott hotels you have visited, anywhere in the world, would you describe any of them as a hidden gem?  And by hidden gem, I think the hotel should have at least three of the following characteristics;


1) Not seemingly overcrowded with guests or visitors,

2) Unique and charming in its atmosphere and décor,

3) Modestly priced, perhaps even surprisingly so,

4) Rises above its peers, in terms of either hospitality or service,

5) Either off the beaten path, or centrally located but somewhat concealed,

6) You stayed there once, enjoyed it immensely, and when you tried to go back again, discovered that the hotel had been destroyed decades ago - before you had ever even stayed there. (cue Twilight Zone theme)