Concierge Lounge location not labeled anywhere

Discussion created by savannahrae on Dec 29, 2016
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The past two Marriott locations this has been a problem (Troy, MI and ATL airport):  I'm sure the associate checking me in mentioned the location of the lounge, but I am used to them being labeled in the elevator, or at the very least, on the floor they are located.  It may be petty, but it is annoying to have to call or walk down to the desk to get the location, especially when running out the door in the morning with limited time.  I would expect the floor it is located on to at least direct me in the right direction.  Atlanta was especially bad.  It was tucked away (unlike most locations that either hit you in the face with the entrance once you get out of the elevator or with a sign pointing in the direction of the Lounge).  Seems like a small thing to do to make a stay more enjoyable.