Is transferring points from SPG to Marriott a Qualifying Activity?

Discussion created by chcummings on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by carat

My wife has above 1,700 Marriott points, but about 45,000 SPG points. There is a post in Flyertalk that someone transferred their SPG points to Marriott, and then all the points (including the SPG points that were transferred in) expired a week later. How does this work in practice? If after 12 months my wife Marriott points expire since her last qualifying activity was 12 months ago, if she then transfers all of her SPG points to Marriott, are they good for 24 months. On the flip side, if she transfers all the SPG points to Marriott now, would the SPG points also expire in 12 months as happened in the case of the person in Flyertalk. That story made me nervous!