Residence Inn, Colonial Blvd, Ft. Meyers and Sanibel

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FIRST in over 20 years bad Marriott Experience. 

Arrived 1:00pm for reservation in Sanibel on Thanksgiving.  Hotel disaster, renovation going on, couches in the driveway, bulbs missing, pool furniture -- not good.  The hotel staff was extremely apologetic, and set about transferring our reservation to Residence Inn Colonial Blvd., Fort Meyers about 20 minutes away.  We had Dinner reservations one mile away    I was present when the gal called the hotel, and she booked exactly what we booked, I personally then confirmed by phone when I gave my card.  We went to check in.  That was the beginning of one thing after another.


2nd property looks much better but the reservation is messed up they had us staying 1 day.  Fixed.  Bathroom mold  in one, and mold and tub not working.  How did housekeeper clean if tub wasn't working?   Fixed tub, sprayed bleach for mold. 

Ultimate upset Securty issue.  Left card on door, have picture.  Housekeeping enters even though we had sign there.  Desk says maybe miscommunication.   Not happy. 


Unfortunately I cannot answer for Residence Inn Sanibel and cannot accommodate anything. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience you’ve experienced during your trip to Fort Myers. Upon check in I myself checked you in verifying the amount of nights from the booking Residence Inn Sanibel made for you and your family. It was originally set for 2 rooms one night each. Of course we had no issue extending your reservations for a few more days the following day. Upon check in we did a free upgrade with no additional charge for both rooms.


Sorry, no my reservation was thru Saturday night, total 3 nights.  I have the confirmation.  Reservations for 2 -1 bedroom queen bed suites, ground floor, and that is what we had.  There was NO upgrade, what would there be an additional charge for?

Received several emails from Assistant GM.  I have to reiterate that in no way did I ask for additional accommodation, and I most certainly referenced all corrected items in my complaint, the majority of which were targeted at the Sanibel property.   I am extremely upset that it was implied I am looking for additional accommodation, I am not.  Most "accommodations" they stated they made were instituted after the complaint was emailed.   The note certainly gives the feeling that we complained, they made accommodations, and we complained anyway.  This was absolutely not the case.  In fact, I even withdrew an unfavorable review  by stating that corrections were made. 


We had asked for a 4:00pm late checkout, the hotel was far from full.


I got a note back:

     I can honor 1:30 for both rooms.

And finally:



     This situation has been submitting to customer care at this point. Again I am sorry all the inconvenience

     you’ve experienced with both hotels. I’ve done everything on my end to make your stay as comfortable

     as possible yet you are finding errors in everything I do and say. Any other concerns can be resolved with

     customer care. I am not going to disagree any more. I hope you can enjoy the rest of the year.


     Happy Holidays. 


To which I replied:


     Happy Holidays to you as well





No one contacted me as of today 12-19-16, so I called customer service who informed me that the process is this, you complain, they refer it back to the hotel that you made the complaint about.  They do whatever they do however, corporate does nothing further.  I'm stunned.  Points not the object, service the object. We didn't receive the level of service normally realized at a Marriott. 


We stay often, mostly at Residence Inn because of our 3 lb dog. I have NEVER ever had to be on the phone with India for over 30 minutes to get internet working that was supposed to be free and upgraded, yet went out every night at midnight and we had to start again.  I have never been at a Marriott where they had to come in and bleach both bathrooms, as well as fix a ceased tub spout (how on earth did housekeeping clean it if the tub spout wasn't working?), and the final blow, have housekeeping enter my room while I am not there even when I left a sign asking them not to. 


So, what was I asking of customer service?  To have a look at the property they lease the name to (another first for me, not a Marriott owned property) and figure it out.  To say we're sorry, we expect better than that as well.  They are clearly not going to do that.  Sad experience.