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Does Marriott match SPG status for 2017?

Question asked by clebert on Dec 18, 2016

So, I got a mysterious text from SPG yesterday.  It said:  Congratulations, you've just renewed your Platinum Status.


I only have 5 nights credited for SPG this year, so I didn't earn the renewal by staying there.  I also don't have enough stays at Marriott to renew my platinum status unless Marriott gives me a freebie for coming close to platinum (this has happened before but I'm probably not close enough this year).


I called SPG for an unrelated reason today as I needed to see if I could get a platinum override for a sold out night at the Phoenician (I could not;  SPG does offer this program, but the Phoenician does not participate).


I asked the agent why I got a text renewing my SPG Platinum when I hadn't stayed enough nights at SPG in 2016.  He said the SPG program guarantees your status for at least 12 months, so since I linked the accounts only a couple of months ago, I was entitled to SPG platinum for 12 months after the accounts linked.  Thus, the renewal.


I think my renewal at SPG will now give me an automatic status match at Marriott even though I won't have 75 nights by Dec. 31, aside from whether Marriott gives me a freebie this year.


Does this sound right?


I'd sure like to renew my MR platinum without spending the 40,000 points (or whatever they charge to renew with points).