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New JW in Singapore - anyone been there?

Question asked by clebert on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2017 by beaug

I just booked the new JW in Singapore for a 2017 business trip.  My event is actually at the Marina Bay Sands but I'm trying to be loyal to Marriott.  There is also a RC nearby that is actually cheaper than the JW, but it doesn't participate in MR or RC Rewards.  So probably no point in staying there.  And of course Singapore has the famed Raffles Hotel but that is over $500 USD a night - ouch!


Anyone know anything about the new JW in Singapore?  It just opened this month, I think.  The Marina Bay Sands looks excellent and is quite a bit less expensive, so I might have to just suck it up and not choose a Marriott property this time....just not sure at this point.  The Marriott flagship property is not in the right location, although I know Singapore has an excellent subway system and is easy to get aroun


When I got the reservation confirmation, I got a link to the site in the link, below.  Maybe Marriott always does this and I'm just now noticing?  At first I thought it was Singapore-specific and had info such as "don't chew gum or you will get caned" but it's more geared toward the global traveler visiting developing countries.  Not sure Singapore fits in that category, but interesting nonetheless:


The Responsible Tourist | Ethics and Social Responsibility


Any Singapore tips would be helpful as well.