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Knowing how much yours truly likes his Old Fashions (appropriate title - eh?), Manhattans and Bourbon flights, one of the younger entrepreneurs (in that famously labelled group, Millennials) I work with, passed this article along to me.
  Good stuff, but imagine my surprise when I, (who loves to Travel Brilliantly ) see the Marriott logo plastered all over the site. Tsk, tsk. Technology I don't mind being taught, but imagine the slap to my ego, when I, the Marriott lifer, learn about this stuff from a young whipper (which, of course, is why I try to hang with them).
But wait, there's more (and this one I believe I actually posted about earlier)  
which attracted about as much Insiders attention as an AARP magazine in a Moxy lounge.

Now, I don't ask moderation help about Birthday elite nights, tracking down unposted points, or kicking some GM's fanny about my window opening up to a brick wall, so here's my annual request for help from our crack moderation team (although, I'm still interested in hearing about the renewal of the Marriott/United Rewards Plus );

communitymanagers, carat  or whoever is on duty; Unless this is a secret society for millennials only,

Five Things I Have Learned As A Millennial Working With Baby Boomers

how can I get on the mailing list for these two (Traveler & Travel Brilliantly)  digital Marriott Travel Magazines?  I promise not to participate with any elderly, out of the target audience views. Thank you.

ps- I have not ruled out that there is a sign up page staring me in the face in each publication (but I can't find it), so fellow Insiders, feel free to lend a hand and show me the light - thanks also.  (is this a "follow" only situation?)