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Posting of Photos, Why Can We Not Rotate Them on Insiders?

Question asked by iahflyr on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by dota

I've asked this question previously and have not really gotten a satisfactory answer from anyone.  As one who has been known to post some photos taken either for a thread or blog it is very annoying to see them sideways with no way to get them in the correct position.  I've rotated them on my phone and computer only to have them show up exactly the same way as when I found them sideways.  

We spend quite a bit of time posting some of these things in the spirit of Insiders to share information and help others who may be seeking a review of a property or other travel tips.  This type of thing will take the desire away from providing that very help that has been so valuable to this Insider.


Does this annoy others if you post photos?  Can we get it fixed please Mods (communitymanagers, andrewt, carat, deannad) or at least a different answer than "we've passed it along to the appropriate department"?