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MR Status Should Carry Over to MVC Resorts: Discuss.

Question asked by rle on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by pointjunkie

Why are our Marriott Reward elite statuses not recognized at Mariott Vacation Club Properties?  I just returned from a fabulous vacation in St. Kitts where we stayed at the MVC St. Kitts Beach Club.  It is a wonderful and beautiful property with great amenities.  This property happens to have separate rooms and villas specific to Marriott Hotels that are separate from the Villas through MVC but all are located on the same property and share the same amenities.  I do not have a thing to complain about the resort itself other than because we stayed through the Vacation Club instead of through Marriott Hotels, our status is meaningless (that and the fact that when you ask an MVC about it, they just look at you and point to one of the many signs that essentially say your status is void there).  Even at the hotel side, we cannot utilize our elite status privileges because we are not staying "there".  Am I the only one who is confused and/or bothered by this?  I just feel like, as Marriott has grown, expanded, progressed and now acquired Starwood, this is something that should be integrated.  I hope the Marriott Rewards moderators are taking note as the company proceeds through the transition of combining the three reward programs into one.  This is something I think Marriott should change.