Marriott Customer Care - Does it exist?

Discussion created by rob97 on Dec 13, 2016
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I wasn't sure where to post this, but thought I would start here.  I stayed at the Springhill Suites in Katy, TX in October.  After my stay I sent Marriott Customer Care the following message:


When I first checked into the hotel I wasn't welcomed even though I'm a Marriott Platinum member. It's not a big deal but I believe everyone should be welcomed. When I got to my room the first thing we saw was a silverfish run across the bed and then a roach run across the floor. We are in south Texas so bugs are expected. After disposing of the bugs I must have run across their buddies because I had another silverfish and another roach.


The first morning I went to the continental breakfast to encounter cold coffee and the standard breakfast fare.


On my second night is when the roach parade started. I killed 8 roaches running around different places in the room; it was like a slaughter. In the morning I notified the front desk clerk of all the roaches and I was informed she was new and couldn't help me, but she would notify the manager. I'm not sure if the manager was ever aware of the situation, because as far as I know nothing was ever done to my room. And the manager never contacted me. When I left at 445 for an event the room had not even been cleaned nor purge of roaches.


The next morning I woke to find a nice size roach dead next to one of the beds and as we were packing up to leave a couple more ran across the room. I went down to the front desk again to inquire with the manager about the roach issue. The front desk clerk (different from the previous) day said the manager wasn't at work. I explained the roach issue and she said she would talk to the manager and have them call me. I never received a call from the manager.

Marriott Customer Care sent me an email, stating the hotel would contact me in 3-5 days, but never did.  On November 2 and November 30, I contacted Marriott Customer care again and received the same email about the hotel contacting me and rectifying the problem.  I've sent the customer care a 4th email and will see what the response is.  Why is Marriott's customer care so poor, especially for a Platinum member?